In the spirit of helping combat climate change and supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Forests are Home campaign aims to raise awareness for sustainably sourced wood and wooden furniture products and foster a global partnership for sustainability. 

Sustainability in the furniture supply chain can happen if we understand our roles and start working together to raise the bar and find sustainable solutions. Our goals: 

  • Help all actors of the wood-based furniture supply chain and consumers embrace responsible sourcing of wooden furniture. 
  • Celebrate and tell companies' sustainability stories to inspire others and raise awareness together.

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Let us tell your sustainability stories

Let us tell your sustainability stories

Do you source and sell PEFC-certified wood for furniture and wooden furniture products? If so, we want to help you celebrate that commitment to sustainability, and share it with the widest audience possible. Join our campaign today!

We want other businesses and consumers to understand that by sourcing and selling PEFC-certified wooden furniture, you are helping to ensure the long-term health of the world’s forests and supporting the livelihoods of vulnerable communities. And when one of your customers buys a certified product from you, they are directly supporting both of these essential goals as well.

We all play a role in safeguarding forests

When forest owners choose to manage forests sustainably. When manufacturers choose certified wood. When retailers choose certified products. When customers choose certified furniture. You help safeguard the world's forests, its ecosystem and contribute to healthy local communities, local workers, and the local economy. 

No matter who you are, PEFC certification can help you make this choice.

Here you can see how PEFC certification affects, and brings benefits to, the entire furniture supply chain. And keep reading, to see how you can start your sustainability journey with PEFC. 

Supply chain companies

As importers, exporters, traders, manufacturers of wood and wooden furniture, you deal directly with the materials. It's therefore very important that the materials you source come from sustainably managed forests. And it's everyone's responsibility to request certified materials as a buyer or propose as a supplier. 

You can use PEFC certification to demonstrate legal and sustainable sourcing of wood and wooden furniture in three steps: 

  1. Get certified.
  2. Make sure that your suppliers are certified. Find thousands of PEFC certified suppliers in 83 countries. 
  3. Use the PEFC label to demonstrate your responsible sourcing and promote your certification to your customers.


Retailers promote sustainability through responsible sourcing, which creates demand for certified products and provides a financial incentive to keep forests as forests. Four steps you could do to help: 

  1. Take a holistic and inclusive view of all forest certification options when developing your responsible procurement policy. 
  2. Know your suppliers, listen to their challenges and implement with them your certified wood policy.
  3. Use the PEFC label to demonstrate your responsible sourcing and promote your certified products to your customers.
  4. Help get more forest area certified and support local forest owners and communities by collaborating with PEFC.


Furniture trade associations are made up of businesses that operate all along the furniture value chain. They seek to encourage the long-term well-being of those businesses. 

This includes advocating for best practices, fostering productive collaboration and partnerships along the value chain, educating association members and the general public, and spread positive industry awareness through public relations and advertising campaigns. 

This is why PEFC engage with various associations at national, regional and international levels to promote responsible sourcing of wooden furniture. 

Interior Architects and Designers

As Interior architects and designers, you decide which materials and products will be used and how people will interact with their surrounding spaces. This means you have a tremendous impact on the environment. Building sustainability into your blueprints can ensure sustainable outcomes. 

PEFC seeks to engage with architects and interior designers to help raise awareness for responsible sourcing of wooden furniture. 


Everyone is a consumer of wooden furniture.

Because Forests are Home, we all have a role to play in making responsible choices about what we buy and making sure it’s PEFC certified. Here is how you can help: 

  1. Look for the PEFC labels: the PEFC label on a product means that it comes from a PEFC-certified forest. A forest that is managed in line with the strictest environmental, social and economic requirements. A forest that will be around for generations to come. 
  2. Ask your furniture shop for certified products if you don't see any labels on a product. 

Best practices

We tell sustainability stories of forests owners who manage their forests sustainably against the PEFC sustainability benchmarks and supply chain companies who benefit from sourcing PEFC certified wood for their furniture to raise awareness together.

Forest Owners

Around the world, forest owners of all sizes are making the choice to harvest timber sustainably. PEFC is proud to work with foresters like Anna Sella, who manages a certified forest in Italy, and to help her tell her sustainability story.

Furniture companies

PEFC works with furniture manufacturers and retailers around the world to achieve chain of custody certification. This is how companies that care about forests, like Oak and Hide, demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

Strategic Partnerships

AFIC and PEFC 4-year sustainability roadmap

PEFC is proud to partner with the ASEAN Furniture Industries Council (AFIC) on this important campaign. In July 2021, AFIC and PEFC have embarked on a strategic four-year sustainability roadmap to promote furniture supply chain sustainability and responsible sourcing of wooden furniture. With a commitment to sustainability, AFIC has 35 years of experience advocating on behalf of their members in the ASEAN region in the furniture industry.

PEFC and ENAIP - a partnership for sustainability

Experiential learning alongside expert craftsmen has always been central to the approach at ENAIP, and in 2017, the School Net Project was born. ENAIP’s goal was to multiply learning opportunities across the wider network of woodworking schools. PEFC is proud to be a part of this project and to collaborate with an organization like ENAIP.

Global collaboration

This campaign is the result of collaboration with PEFC national members in the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Italy, Finland, France, Germany, Denmark, Romania, Spain, Chile, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore. Click on each logo to find out more. 

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