Joining the Sustainable Supply Chain with PEFC Chain of Custody Certification in the Furniture Industry

During our latest Chain of Custody webinar, we learnt how supply chain actors can meet the soaring demand for responsibly sourced furniture, comply with legislative and regulatory requirements and prove their commitment to responsible sourcing to their customers and supply chain partners. 

Joining the Sustainable Supply Chain with PEFC Chain of Custody Certification in the Furniture Industry

8 March 2023 Webinar

Attention Furniture Designers, Manufacturers and Retailers! Do you want to access new markets for your products, fulfill the growing demand for sustainable furniture amongst consumers, and get ahead of the curve on strict timber import regulations? 

Check out the webinar recording. 

Furniture companies will have to overcome a number of challenges in the future to stay competitive. The COVID-19 pandemic exposed how fragile global supply chains are and consumers are also increasingly demanding proof that these supply chains source materials responsibly. In a recent consumer survey conducted by the Sustainable Furnishings Council, an overwhelming 97% of those surveyed responded that they were interested in purchasing furniture if it was certified as legal wood coming from a responsibly managed forest. 

In addition, well over 30 countries have implemented public timber procurement policies, with many of those policies strictly requiring a clear system of traceability. Thousands of private companies and corporations are also incorporating responsible timber sourcing conditions as a part of their ESG goals. 

It’s clear that the world is looking towards sustainable supply chains in the furniture industry as a way to protect the world’s forests and all of the essential ecosystem services that they provide. But how exactly can you prove your commitment to responsible sourcing to your customers, shareholders, regulatory bodies and partners in the furniture industry? 

As the world’s most trusted forest certification label, PEFC chain of custody certification is the most effective mechanism to meet the demands of consumers and buyers and gain access to one of the world’s largest supplies of responsibly sourced and certified wood. Certification unlocks access to new markets, helps companies to comply with strict legislative and ESG requirements, and sends a clear message to your customers that the wood in their furniture has been responsibly sourced and tracked from the forest to the showroom.

If you are a furniture association, consultant, designer, manufacturer, retailer or trader, we welcome you to join us on 8-9 March for our latest FREE webinar, “Joining the Sustainable Supply Chain with PEFC Chain of Custody Certification for the Furniture Industry”. Register to join now!

During the webinar, you’ll learn:

  1. How the furniture market dynamics are evolving in the global supply chain
  2. What is PEFC’s role and how it can support the furniture industry in reaching their sustainability goals. 
  3. About the PEFC chain of custody standards to ensure traceability 
  4. How to meet and comply with PEFC chain of custody standards.
  5. The requirements for applying for PEFC chain of custody certification.
  6. Chain of custody certification to suit your context - group certification, multi-site certification, producer groups etc.
  7. Case studies on the advantages of group certification.
  8. How to use the PEFC label and trademarks and display it to your customers.
  9. How PEFC promotes the benefits of responsibly sourced furniture.

Certification is already helping thousands of furniture companies access new generations of customers for their products, meet growing global demand for responsibly sourced timber and comply with tightening legislative and regulatory requirements.

To find out how PEFC chain of custody certification can provide a competitive advantage to you and your furniture company or organization, join us on 8-9 March for our webinar to find out everything you need to know about PEFC chain of custody certification!


Part I: Introduction to PEFC - Fabienne Sinclair, Head of Marketing, PEFC International

  1. Overview of the market dynamics for furniture in general
  2. PEFC’s role to ensure responsible sourcing of wooden material 
  3. What makes PEFC unique
  4. Approach to certification

Part II: Chain of Custody Standards – Linda Matole, Technical Officer, PEFC International 

  1. Introduction to PEFC Chain of Custody Standard
  2. PEFC Claims - Chain of Custody for Furniture Traders
  3. Chain of Custody Methods - Advantages and Disadvantages
  4. Due Diligence System (DDS) 
  5. Multi-site, group and producer group certification.

Part III: Case Study - Model of group certification with Alcea Oy, Finland - Mr Kjell-Owe Ahlskog, Managing Director - Alcea Oy.

  1. Learn from Finland on how to form and operate group certification. 

Part IV: Trademark rules, labeling, database and communications - Lise Favre, Technical Officer, PEFC International

Part V: How PEFC promotes sustainable wooden furniture to the market and you can join the movement - Fabienne Sinclair and Claire Pham

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