PEFC Essentials

An hour-long web-based training on essential knowledge about PEFC for companies. 

PEFC Essentials

In response to the growing demand for training on our global forest certification programme, the PEFC team has developed a user-friendly, e-learning platform – PEFC Essentials.

Free of charge to PEFC-certified companies, the training comprises six key learning modules.

  •  Module 1: Why Forests Matter?
  •  Module 2: What is PEFC?
  •  Module 3: How Do We Do It?
  •  Module 4: Delivering Impacts
  •  Module 5: From Local Forest to Global Market
  •  Module 6: PEFC Benefits for Business
  •  Bonus Module: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Who is the tool for?

PEFC Essentials has been primarily designed for the sales and marketing teams of the 20,000+ companies around the globe trading in PEFC-certified products. Customers buying wood-based products from paper and packaging to constructional timber, flooring and furniture, are increasingly seeking assurances of responsible sourcing. 

By investing in PEFC certification, certified companies have demonstrated their commitment to the responsible sourcing of its raw materials and a sustainable future for the world’s forests. PEFC Essentials has been developed to better equip certified companies’ teams with the knowledge to respond to customer queries about the global sustainable forest management programme that sits behind the PEFC label.

How long does it take?

All of the modules can be completed in either a single sitting, taking about sixty minutes, or a module at a time.

How can I access the training?

While the training package is available to members free of charge, access is controlled by license. If you would like to access the PEFC Essentials training package, register your interest now by filling the following form and we will get back to you by email.

Note: If you already have a license and would like to extend the period of your license, please write to directly. 

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