Memorandum of Cooperation between ANVFCS and UAFM in Ukraine

The Association National Voluntary Forest Certification System and the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers signed a memorandum  

Memorandum of Cooperation between ANVFCS and UAFM in Ukraine

7 September 2021 News

On September 7, 2021, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the Association National Voluntary Forest Certification System and the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers. 

The main goal is to increase the export of Ukrainian furniture originating from forests, which are managed sustainable way.

The Association National Voluntary Forest Certification System is the only authorized body in Ukraine for the world's largest forest certification PEFC.

PEFC forest certification aims at sustainable forest management and the promotion of products derived from such forests.

What is Sustainable Management?

Sustainable economic development means production and/or consumption without harming or destroying the resources of the planet Earth.

The use of PEFC forest certification trademarks on products is also one way to make it easier for consumers to choose and visualize their choice of sustainable business for the seller.

One of the goals of the Association is to transform Ukraine from a raw material base for external woodworkers to an exporter of deep-processed wood products. With the help of international trust, the Association is an advocate and promoter of domestic products.

The analysis of exports of wood products shows that Ukraine uses the resource given to it by nature extremely inefficiently, namely exports mainly semi-finished products or low-value primary processing products.

Today, when the world market requires a sustainable and traceable product, increasing exports is impossible without commitment to and pursuing the goals of sustainable economic development. Sustainable development is impossible without a partnership for its sake (UN goal number 17).

Ukraine must stop the usage of wood resources in an inefficient way, and Association NVFCS is happy to find a partner and ally - the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers, which fights for the same values, namely promotes the Ukrainian brand as a reliable supplier of high-quality furniture and has ambitious goals to rank among the world's top three exporters.

The production of wood furniture corresponds to the concept of sustainable economic development, firstly, because wood is a renewable resource, and secondly, wood can preserve carbon dioxide. So, when we choose wood furniture, we double help the planet to reduce CO2 emissions.

Forest certification on Ukrainian furniture will be an international guarantee that the forests from which the wood for their production originates are constantly managed, and they will develop and multiply for future generations.

Visualization of responsible choice of suppliers with the help of the PEFC brand will allow to expand sales markets and increase the competitiveness of domestic furniture.

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