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Join Forests are Home

Do you manufacture and sell PEFC certified wood for furniture and wooden furniture products? If so, we want to help you celebrate that commitment to sustainability, and share it with the widest audience possible.

We are doing this because it’s a story worth telling—not just to other businesses, but to your consumers as well. We want them to understand that by sourcing and selling PEFC certified wooden furniture, you are both helping to ensure the long-term health of the world’s forests and supporting the livelihoods of vulnerable communities. And when one of your customers buys a certified product from you, they are directly supporting both of these essential goals as well. 

A sustainable supply chain can only work if it is well understood, and valued by the market. Let’s work together to tell that story, and help your customers understand that value.

Retailers and manufacturers like you are a big part of Forests are Home. You can get involved in two ways: get showcased in our graphic and get featured in a case story. 

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Get showcased in our Forests are Home graphics

We want to celebrate companies that have prioritized environmental conservation. We will highlight sustainable brands, generating beautiful campaign materials featuring your sustainable products, like the one pictured here. PEFC will share these images far and wide across social media, through paid advertising, and on our website. You can also use these graphics on your own website and social media, to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

Interested? Please fill in the form at the bottom of this page to see how to get your beautiful wooden furniture into our Forests are Home graphics!

Get featured in a case story

Case stories help us demonstrate PEFC certification on the ground and highlight the diversity of PEFC-certified products. They are also an opportunity to illustrate the great work of PEFC-certified companies and show how PEFC certification can be a solution to many business challenges.

But to produce case stories, we need to hear from companies, like you. 

If you have a story to tell, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we can start working on your case story together.

Want to see what others are doing? Check out all our case stories.

Three reasons to join Forests are Home 

1.  More visibility to your positive actions, position yourself as a sustainable brand with PEFC.

2. Demonstrate your sustainability leadership to your customers and peers. 

3. Get featured across all of PEFC's social media channels, website and newsletter.

How to join? 

Forests are Home is for all companies who manufacture and/or sell PEFC-certified wood for furniture and PEFC-certified wooden furniture products, and anyone who would like to support the campaign's objectives. And If you have already chosen PEFC-certified wood for your furniture products but those products are not yet certified, you can also participate in the campaign. Leave us your email and we will contact you.

There are many ways you can help make a difference, let's start now by filling in the below form or writing to us:

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