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News & Events

7 September 2022

Webinar: How the Wooden Furniture you Design, Make and Sell stores Carbon and Combats Climate Change.


Do non-certified forests store CO2 the same way as certified forests? How is carbon stored in wooden furniture, and how much is stored? Register now to find out on 7 September for the next PEFC webinar.

9 December 2021

Unlocking PEFC chain of custody certification for the furniture industry


Exclusive two-day webinar about PEFC chain of custody certification for companies who manufacture, trade, and sell wood and wooden furniture. Free to attend.

15 September 2021

Furniture campaign launch


Hundreds of furniture retailers, manufacturers, foresters, and associations from 46 different countries around the world joined us for the launch of our new sustainable wooden furniture campaign.

7 September 2021

Memorandum of Cooperation between ANVFCS and UAFM in Ukraine


The Association National Voluntary Forest Certification System and the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers signed a memorandum.

1 March 2021

PEFC Essentials


An hour-long web-based training on essential knowledge about PEFC.

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