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The Furniture Blog

28 November 2022

Raising the bar for furniture sustainability together in 2022


Despite challenging global circumstances, PEFC continued to work towards a foundation for sustainable furniture in 2022. From building partnerships and links in the supply chain to raising awareness of sustainable forest management at events around the world, read on as we take a look back at 2022 in the Forests Are Home campaign.

7 November 2022

A New Horizon for Sustainable Furniture in Southeast Asia


A new apartment in Singapore furnished with flooring made from renewable rubberwood. A modernist university atria fitted with wooden panels sourced from regenerative tropical rainforests. Stylish, modular cabinets that not only save space in your kitchen and bedrooms, but also help to save forests in Southeast Asia too.

29 June 2022

A School Like No Other — Teaching Sustainability, From Tree to Table


A boarding and day school for secondary students who are interested in pursuing careers relating to woodworking and forestry, ENAIP Trentino it is the first secondary school to achieve PEFC certification.

22 June 2022

Midsummer Spotlight: The Sustainable forests of Norway, Sweden, and Finland


Summer has come to the northern hemisphere, and with it all of the summer celebrations that we enjoy. In countries like Norway, Sweden and Finland, midsummer is an important national holiday, and a celebration with nature at its heart.

4 May 2022

The Future is Circular - Anticipating a Greater Role for Sustainable Furniture in the Circular Economy


At PEFC, we believe we all have a role to play in shifting from a wasteful, unsustainable linear system of production and consumption towards a more sustainable future for our planet, and it starts with the source. Using raw, responsibly sourced natural materials, such as wood, will be a critical element of the transition towards a circular economy.

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