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The Furniture Blog

4 May 2022

The Future is Circular - Anticipating a Greater Role for Sustainable Furniture in the Circular Economy


At PEFC, we believe we all have a role to play in shifting from a wasteful, unsustainable linear system of production and consumption towards a more sustainable future for our planet, and it starts with the source. Using raw, responsibly sourced natural materials, such as wood, will be a critical element of the transition towards a circular economy.

9 February 2022

Can Tables and Chairs Help Combat Climate Change?


Forests can help to mitigate the worst effects of climate change, taking carbon out of our atmosphere more effectively than anything else.

12 January 2022

When Values add Value: Consumer Preferences for Sustainable Furniture


Consumers are increasingly voting with their wallets, and showing a preference for wooden furniture that is certified sustainable. By following their lead, manufacturers and retailers can both protect forests, and their own bottom lines.

11 November 2021

What you're buying, when you buy PEFC-certified furniture


As consumers, you are often bombarded with information about product provenance and values. From cruelty free, to fair trade, to dolphin safe, we’ve all become accustomed to seeing these labels on everything from our food to our clothing. So what then, does it mean, when you see a PEFC label on a piece of wooden furniture? What, exactly, are you buying?

8 October 2021

Storytelling you can touch


Interior architects and designers tell stories in space. When they use sustainably sourced wood and wooden furniture, those stories take on new meaning.

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